2010 Oklahoma QSO Party (OKQP)

Sponsored by the Oklahoma DX Association

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Oklahoma Counties Map

OK County Abbreviations

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20 March - 0800 to 2000 CDT (1300 to 0100 UTC)
21 March - 0800 to 1400 CDT (1300 to 1900 UTC)

Suggested operating frequencies:
SSB: 1860 - 3860 - 7260 - 14260 - 21360 - 28360 - 6 meters
CW : 1825 - 3545 - 7045 - 14045 - 21045 - 28045 - 6 meters


Stations outside of Oklahoma work as many Oklahoma stations in as many Oklahoma counties as possible.
Stations in Oklahoma work anyone.


Stations outside of Oklahoma send signal report and State, Canadian Province, or DX.
Oklahoma stations send signal report and county. Oklahoma stations working other Oklahoma stations will be logging the
other station's county, and that station's county counts as a multiplier.
Entries with incomplete or improperly logged QSOs will be subject to penalties or disqualification.


Each complete non-duplicate Phone contact is worth 2 points.
Each complete non-duplicate Digital/CW contact is worth 3 points.
No partial contact credit.


All non-Oklahoma stations use Oklahoma counties for a maximum of 77.
Oklahoma stations count U.S. states (50), Canadian Provinces (9), and Oklahoma Counties (77)
for a possible total of 136 multipliers.


The total score is the total number of QSO points multiplied by the total number of multipliers.


160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6 meters
WARC band contacts do not count.


SOHP - Single Op High Power (over 100 watts)
SOLP - Single Op Low Power (up to 100 watts)
QRP - 5 watts or less
Multi/Single - Multi operator single transmitter
Rover - Assisted (2nd operator and/or driver)
Rover - Unassisted (Person does his own driving and solo operating)
Rover - Multi-Transmitter (more than one transmitter on the air simultaneously)
Rover - High Power

World - (Stations Outside Oklahoma):
SOHP - Single Op High Power (over 100 watts), Plaques for 1st and 2nd Place
SOLP - Single Op Low Power (up to 100 watts), Plaques for 1st and 2nd Place
QRP - 5 watts or less
Clean Sweep (worked all 77 counties during the QSO Party)
Club (If you want to have your score added to your club's aggregate score,
please make sure your club affiliation is clearly indicated on your computer
log file or your paper log submission)


All stations may be worked once per mode (phone or cw/digital) per band.

All contacts must be simplex.

Oklahoma rovers that change counties are considered to be a new station and may
be contacted again for point and multiplier credit.

A rover operates from any temporary location using temporary antennas.

It is not permitted for a single participant to be using more than 1 transmitter at a time (operating on more
than 1 band with more than 1 transmitter simultaneously). It is permissible for the Rover -
Multi-Transmitter to have more than one signal on the air simultaneously because
it involves more than one operator.

Net contacts are not allowed.


A plaque will be issued to the highest scoring station, with a minimum of 100 contacts
in the log, from each of the 15 class entries, plus, in the case of the Non-Oklahoma
categories, the 2nd Place finisher in the SOLP and SOHP will receive a plaque
as well.

A plaque will also be awarded to anyone who works all 77 counties during the QSO Party.

A plaque will be awarded for the highest cw/digital score, regardless of overall standing(s). (Oklahoma stations)

Certificates of participation will be given to all Oklahoma and non-Oklahoma entries that
do not win a plaque.


Entries must be submitted no later than April 30th.

Computer logs should be submitted by e-mail to OKQP Logs. Logs should be named with
your call (ex: k5yaa.log). ADIF or CABRILLO formatted files are preferred.

Paper logs may be submitted via postal mail to:

Oklahoma QSO Party
OK DX Association
P.O. Box 2591
Claremore,Ok 74018-2591 USA

Sponsorship Note: The OKDXA is accepting plaque sponsorships from Clubs, individuals, etc. If you or your club would like to sponsor a plaque, please notify Jerry K5YAA. Thank You!


Some of the members of the OKDXA have made efforts to provide multiplier and configurations files with brief "How to use" suggestion files for some of the more popular logging programs. Files for your particular logging application are available by clicking one of the following links. It should be mentioned that none of the contest logging programs below have updated their configurations to reflect the change which allows OK stations to count Oklahoma counties as multipliers EXCEPT N3FJP. Only N3FJP tabulates the score correctly. If you use any of the other programs, you would/should use manual scoring to arrive at your final score.

NO5W Contest Software (GPS Interface)

N3FJP Contest Software

CT Files

NA Files

TRLog Files


GenLog32 by W3KM

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