2007 Oklahoma QSO Party (OKQP)
10th and 11th of March, 2007

Now is the time to be making YOUR plans to participate!
There will be a LOT of 1x1 callsigns on the air during 2007,
a lot of them will be active during the QSO Party.
Here are some the callsigns you'll be seeing on the air in 2007:
W5A, K5A, N5A, W5H, K5H, N5H, W5K, K5K, N5K, W5L, K5L, N5L,
W5M, K5M, N5M, W5O, K5O, N5O
There is a W, K and N for every letter spelling O-K-L-A--H-O-M-A!


Sponsored by the Oklahoma DX Association

Here are the very interesting statistics for the 2006 running of the Oklahoma QSO Party:
All 77 Oklahoma counties were on the air again this year
There was at least one rover in every Oklahoma County
One out-of-state station (John, N6MU) only missed a clean sweep by 1 county!
All 50 states and the District of Columbia were in Oklahoman's logs (Thanks USA!)
8 of the 9 Canadian Multipliers were in Oklahoman's logs - no YWT (Thanks Canada!)
45 countries showed up in the Oklahoma logs, more than double the previous year (Thanks DX!)

2006 OKQP Scores

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